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About Sell a day

I have always love to draw. I have stopped drawing because “that’s not edible” and I worked as a designer, web designer mostly, for a long, long time. But in 2013 I decided that I needed to draw and I started drawing every day, usually, after work. I’ve got hooked to the point that I knew that drawing is what I want to do. That was the spark to start “Sell a day” and that’s why I keep on drawing and doing some other things, as you can see here:

People’s feedback was very important during the project. Many of them told me that they felt identified with the drawings. Therefore, the idea of this participatory site.

Art is not only what the artist is telling, but the perception of the individuals, in my opinion. Leaving all that aside would be a terrible waste. I would be leaving aside a whole new world offered to us by the new tools: to create a work about the work, in a world of metadata, reading layers and links in which, I , as the author, will be just another element, at the same level as the observer and new author. And as magician and demiurge of this brand new scenario there is Álvaro Ortiz, who has built it conceptual and physically.

None of us have an idea of what is coming of this, but it surelly will be a great trip if you join us.