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New Year's Day.
Dead bird.
Guitar fingers.
They say it isn't raining.
Fishes can drown, too.
Monitor eyes with clock pupils.
I don't scratch myself this way, but I crash.
I can touch the bottom here.
Feet fight.
They come in pods.
You and I, we are not so far away.
He is dark behind the mask.
Sometimes I miss my siamese twin.
I can't fly with these wings.
Sometimes I stumble with my own feet.
God never was a supporter of scientific methods.
Choking with a silk scarf.
Sunday mornings.
Heart jumping on a woofer.
Playing ventriloquist with snapdragons.
The madcap, all dressed up, laughs while he sees his pal coming.
My heart is a mole.
I never liked using the brakes.
Hey, it looks like new!
Don't forget that you are wild.
Let's play master and servant
Here, we can only chase what feeds us.
Amazing totemic animals I.
Just as annoying as rain is, but too beautiful to be unforgiven.
Human cub neither shows his true fur.
What could have been but wasn't.
Are you so confident about your balance?
A closed mouth gathers no dead flies.
Inside, it is infinite.
High goals.
Life: stirred not shaken.
I never saw you smiling. I'd love it.
Others can see what you can't see shining.
Some days it looks like it doesn't move.
Money is vulgar only for those who have it.
I only look at you to see my reflection.
Pigs like daisies too.
I'm gonna miss you.
Now and again I've seen someone catch theirs.
One more year.
My father still heals me when I fall.
One must breathe at the proper rhythm.
My friends are flowery canes.
The avenger.
Beware of the spotlights, rockstar.
Any drop unsqueezed.
You can keep licking it clean, but there's nothing left.
If I don't stop, she won't be able to reach me.
This channel looked different, but it was just more of the same old thing.
Put a bird on it
I won't go on vacation, so I paint it.
I think this float won't be allowed much longer.
He didn't want to send me flowers and gave me a pencil box to paint them myself.
Searching for the perfect wave, I never get into the water.
Technology is not enough.
To communicate, you just have to want to.
There are many ways to take out the trash.
I'm taking a walk tomorrow.
Seeing the ones you love is coming home.
Rock ecstasy.
Middle class.
Time puts weighs on you and I tie them up with balloons.
And we still think that they aren't capable of everything.
Each to his own.
I get along with only one human, Neil Young.
Faith is believing that there will be a net below.
Follow the flow.
I just wanted to see her up close and, by accident, I pulled off a wing.
Perfect little woman.
Everlasting flower, adolescence slips away.
The air belongs to everyone.
Fill the earth and subdue it.
When I took him in, I didn't think that he wanted to pull my head off.
Il pleut, bergère
Add some music to your day
Staying on course isn't always easy.
Loneliness is invisible.
The mountain doesn't always win.
Someone else's talent encourages me.
If you go too far, you won't be able to untangle yourself.
Do you, sphinx, talk to the greatest heroes only?
They were so worn out they hurt.
They were so beautiful when I bought them on the internet. Now looking at them upsets me because they are dead.
Poor people? You must say "clochards", this is a civilized county.
The butterflies of something new.
In the storm, it is easy to get stuck in the mud.
They want my blood.
If I believed in God, I 'll have someone to talk to.
My mother wanted nothing more than a drawing. This isn't it. Hers is for her eyes only.
If I sink you, I dominate you.
To reach this point, I had to get my feet wet.
None of your faces inspire trust in me.
With God on our side I
Nothing fragile survives a good personal crisis.
There are so many buds that the smell knock us out.
You can't see what is over you until you get some distance.
Talking with people who think differently is like looking through a kaleidoscope.
The sun doesn't know how much it shines.
The origin of the sin.
I was going to call it To be comfortable in the abyss you'll need strong moorings.
Doesn't your face hurt because of always posing angry?
I think I got a crooked rifle.
Music that goes beyond.
Mondo DeVille
Accompanied loneliness is even worse.
Let's allow them something to make them think that they have a voice.
Based on ignoring me, you became diluted.
I can't even find the target.
I was afraid to reset it in case it didn't switch on again.
Will they understand our signals?
I recognize myself in you.
I don't know how to avoid slipping away.
If you don't help me, I won't be able to get across.
Instinct served us for something.
It wasn't for me.
I said goodbye and you hadn't even realized I had said hello.
We have decided to reduce women's expiration date.
As much as I try to destroy you, every now and then, you show up.
I hope they will stop someday.
Would you act the same if there was no one watching you?
Who's having a bad day, you or me?
Caution! That excesively inflated ego can explode in your face.
I´m turning into an expert juggler.
I hope we keep growing concurrently.
Aesthetic rules or control?
I can never keep the balance of lime to sand.
No matter how much I stretch them, they don't fit anymore.
It never stops being a popularity contest.
Loose weight. Pull out your teeth.
They taught us to kneel down and we don't know how to stand up anymore.
You say "Hop!" and it jumps.
Monotony is a nice rocking chair.
Queen Turnover.
Repairing trust is almost imposible.
It is necessary a telescope and I have a microscope.
When you begin to smell it, it's too late...
Today, I wear the thunder as a comb.
I have a one man orchestra.
You set the beat and I dance.
Ok body, you've made it painfully clear who's in charge.
In the middle of the adventure.
Is it downhill?
I hope that, at any moment, the rope turns into a path.
There are some days that are too hard to swallow...
I thought you were smiling but you were showing me your teeth.
I'll push you whenever you want.
Wait for me, Alice.
I'm learning how to expel air to avoid an explosion.
My life is a draft, but it is written in ink.
Summer in the city is tarmac and blues.
"You are not shining anymore", the vampire said.
Do you have a light?
I´m going Introceanus today.
My paintbrush weighs a ton today.
There are constellations shining bright underground.
We outnumber them, but they are organized.
They tell us that it is fine chocolate, but it doesn’t smell like it.
I don’t like roller coasters.
Parasites are so difficult to erradicate.
I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t see anything.
We make an effort to be part of the pack.
Can you enjoy the silence?
There are people who glow in the darkness.
Spanish version.
My explosion was as dangerous as it was beautiful.
No words.
I resonate major notes when you come close.
We must start thinking about how to take out the trash.
You can keep it. I’m not using it anymore.
Could you help me with this zipper?
Summer insomnia.
I had to get a new one.
I won’t do this anymore.
I can see the buoy now.
And you chucked it out.
Sometime or another it will blow in our favor.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to switch it on again.
The clock stops underwater.
Tears dissolve in the water.
I can’t move until you move.
You have the depths trained.
I won’t run.
Igor’s house.
I can’t see any of these here.
Olympic spirit.
The wishing well was bricked up.
Summer in the city II: prison.
I don’t have anything.
I don't care if it rains.
I hope there is water down there.
Knock before entering.
I’m scared of ghosts.
Get lost, you critter!
Yo-yo effect.
We must walk it.
I need to speed up.
Ultra volume lashes, muscled eyelids.
I didn’t see it coming.
Many fish in the sea, but I meet sharks.
In spite of all your practice, you have such terrible aim.
The current was below the surface.
You have too much weight, Shyness.
They are stealing our life-jackets.
Partial truths.
This phase always hurts.
It wouldn't have worked out. You didn't like the Ramones.
Diamonds are overrated.
I saw my refection inside the well.
What was important.
Your life expectancy is too high.
We will be stars.
The best skyline doesn’t have buildings.
Expanding horizons are better in company.
Humiliation is a pretty accurate measure of need.
Being happy is a revolutionary decision.
I know how you feel, Mike.
I’m better in your eyes.
I don’t know if I’m going to find the one I need.
Next time, don’t tie the blindfold so tight, please.
We will hack our way through.
The one who has the books has the power.
Someday, my guitar will sound like this.
You don't need it. We're already crying on our own.
The inner fight left casualties.
I hope those clouds you see bring pure freshness.
Bad news reverberates louder.
You are going to break the scale.
You are brilliant. Get away from the darkness.
You don’t have an easy-open.
I'm sure you are tender on the inside, but I'm tired of taking off the leaves.
You have the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen.
I trust the wind.
My tribe loves color.
Prost! (we will miss you)
Never more.
Beware of the mirages.
I didn’t know if I could breath again.
Bitterness is explosive.
Recovering wasn’t easy.
And suddenly, everything is upside down.
We will eliminate the old and/or different pieces.
Wounded ones attack.
See the evil, tell the good.
There is no risk looking through the telescope.
I would have said yes.
The hunted became lions.
This plain exhausts me.
I hope it will be worth the effort.
You never found the poetry.
Insecurity, always trying to make me fall.
We are sinking so deep we will develop gills.
May I borrow your lantern?
Scars hurt when it rains.
It is not that I don’t want to see the sun but it is very dark.
You left patience behind and took the knife.
You won’t turn me cynical.
Loose animals not allowed.
The quiver of the incertitude.
Bit by bit, they won’t notice it.
If I fall, I hope I will do it as softly as them.
You look only in the eyes of those who believe in you blindly.
I polish it everyday.
In any other place, it’s cold.
I will make my own wind.
Just like you, it was made of ice.
After the fire, there was nothing left but devastation.
I closed my eyes and believed that it was the sun.
I will expell your venom.
Enjoy the ride.
Streets aren’t the filthiest.
The shell game
I think I am THAT sock.
I will make a sock-puppet.
I’m short of breath.
If you keep moving away, you won’t be able to come back.
I won’t be your bait ever again.
I will be moved when I see you blast off today.
I embrace my loneliness.
We are supporting them.
If mouths are shut, fists will talk.
I had to let my new skin grow.
I won’t fall easily.
It’s only a shadow but I can make it fly.
Never again voiceless.
What a masterful way to twist reality!
It has changed.
You are so concerned about our souls that I’m afraid you are going to sell them.
Flags aren’t edible.
I hope this is the right one.
Your smile is a bonfire.
I just want to slide.
We will say it is science, if it is profitable enough.
The body obliges.
I thought I was attracted to you, turns out my horizon was tilted.
Just a little bit more.
You have failed so many times that I can’t feel them anymore.
We need fresh air.
Isn't this what they see when they look in the mirror?
The fear of choking won't let you eat.
To nail it, you must take a risk.
You only are fragile when you melt.
Wanna take a ride?
How long does it take faith to heal?
You are the lights of the cold.
Fear is venom.
Sooner or later, I will learn to free myself.
My Christmas comes in your suitcases.
And if I fail?
You are doing great by yourselves.
Where is the real civilization?
Those who should be our voice are shutting our mouths
I will find a current of air to raise it up
And here we are again, Mr. Berlanga.
The undefeated Sun will return.
The best gift may not be the best wrapped.
No gloves needed.
Which one would you choose?
It’s about time to wake up, Alice.
Your music breaks my loneliness.
I will search for a new peak.